Monday, March 19, 2018

Pi Day

I woke up on March 14th like I would on any other day not realizing until I saw a friends post that it was Pi day.  I was super unprepared but we managed to do some fun things anyway.  For those who don't know March 14th is 3.14 so we say it is the mathmatical Pi day.  I've done it in the past and I knew the kids would be sad if we skipped it this year.  Luckily I was able to find some easy things to do on pinterest.

We just happend to have the book "Sir Cumference and the First Round Table" so we read it.  Tucker kind of got the jokes but most of it was over the other kids heads.

Next we watched a couple youtube videos explaining the number Pi to the kids.  There are some pretty informative and silly video's out there about it.

Then the kids used graph paper and did a little art project.
 We looked up the number for Pi and the kids filled in a squares for each number.  So their first building was three squares tall, second one square, third four squares and so on.  Leon was even able to do this and really liked it.

And lastly we made a pie.  We only had the ingredients to make a pumpkin pie but the kids were excited even though it isn't really the right season for it.
 We tried our best at a pie symbol.
 I already have ideas on how to make the pie better next year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kappabashi Street and Senso-ji

A couple weeks ago we spent a Saturday up in Tokyo.  I wanted to check out Kappabashi Street which is a fun street full of kitchen shops.  Just tons and tons of stores that have everything a restaurant owner would need.
It takes us about an hour and a half to get to Tokyo, depending on the area, by train.  We pretty much never drive to Tokyo because of the cost of tolls and parking.  It might be worth it sometimes though because we do have to buy several train tickets these days.

It was cold that day, but it warmed up quite a bit since then.  I was just outside without a coat and felt great!

Before we got to Kappabashi Street we went to see the Senso-ji temple.  

I feel like we've seen a ton of temples and shrines here in Japan and this was a big one.  

I didn't take very many pictures of the kitchen shops.  But here is one of tons of cookie cutters.
Fake food is pretty common here in Japan.  Most restaurants have plastic displays of the food they serve.  We found a shop where you can buy the fake food and even sign up for a class to make it.
Some of the "food" was pretty appetizing.

While walking around we saw another Owl Cafe.
There are so many different KitKat flavors here in Japan.  These orange ones have got to be one of my favorites.  They totally blew the strawberry KitKats out of the water.

We saw a Panda Cafe on our walk back to the train station.  We didn't end up eating there, and they do no have real pandas.
I think they only things we bought were a frosting bag and a dish to keep our keys in.  It was nice to get outside and explore Japan though.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

100th Day of Homeschool

Ok, so it wasn't technically our 100th day of homeschool.  In one sense we do homeschool everyday so we are way past 100, but in another sense we skip our more "formal" schooling days often so we probably aren't to 100 days in our books yet.  Kids at public school were doing their 100th day last week so we decided to do ours at home now too.
In my opinion dressing up is the best part.
Penelope was more happy to dress up this year because we weren't going anywhere.  She even asked me if she had to go somewhere like this.  I told her she didn't and that helped.  Although she was still not happy about the "wrinkles" and she was the most resistant about it.
I tried to put fake curlers in Scarlett's hair because I don't actually have any.
I love how Leon is wearing a bathrobe.  He love is pajamas and would be happy to wear this everyday. 
Tucker wanted the umbrella for a cane.

After dressing up the kids make their classic 100 fruit loop necklaces.

Then we saw how far away from our house we could get in 100 steps.

Then the kids saw what they could make with 100 legos.
I didn't get pictures of everything, but we also drew pictures of ourselves at 100 years old, did 100 jumping jacks, tried a 100 second staring contest and tried holding our breath for 100 seconds.  It was very hard for everyone, I could only make it 40 seconds and I felt like I was dying.  Scarlett somehow made the who 100 and she said it wasn't even hard, she even managed to take a drink while holding her breath :)

We had a fun day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Calista 10 Month Photography

The last two months she did amazing for her pictures but that was not the case today!  Now that this girl can move she won't stop.  For this picture I set up the sign, put her down and dashed to my camera which I had ready and then snapped the pic about 10 seconds before she slammed the sign down knocking off a third of the letters.
Calista likes scooting, getting things, army crawling, yogurt, and eating crumbs off the floor.  She will scoot all around now and is so happy about it.  Once in a while she will fall down after which she will proceed to army crawl around.  I don't think she minds either but she seems to prefer scooting and the girls are quick to swoop her up when she falls so I'm not sure if she will get much better at crawling.  She thinks it is funny to scoot away from us.  She spent one of Tucker's entire basketball practices trying to scoot onto the court.  Everytime she got passed the line I or Scarlett would pull her back and she would take off again, looking over her shoulder smiling at us to make sure we were watching her.
She also likes to eat any crumbs she can find on the floor and with four older siblings she finds plenty.  One time I found the kids "accidentally" dropping big pieces of their brownies on the floor and then laughing about how much she liked them. 
I've found she doesn't like to eat green beans, I'm not sure why but she pushes the mushed green beans out of her mouth even though she likes pretty much everything else.  She also doesn't like showers.  She has this bad habit of pooping a ton in her crib.  So much that it is pretty much everywhere and she needs a shower right away.  She hates it and it isn't fun for me either.  This probably happens at least once a week.

These next pictures aren't that great but I wanted to share them because they show a little bit about how things went.  She scooted around and wouldn't hold still for the camera.   

I even took things away so she would have nothing to play with but that didn't stop her.

I love this girl and  I'm not going to lie, she is getting more and more fun the older she gets.

Monday, March 5, 2018

MuriKaigan Cherry Blossoms

We spent Saturday checking out the early cherry blossoms at the Murikaigan festival.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew we were in the right area when we saw tons of people walking along the sidwalks.
We joined in and found a pretty sidewalk lined with cherry trees in full bloom.  It was very crowded and hard to even get space to take pictures of the kids.

I had fun taking pictures of the flowers.
Then we explored a little bit and found more trees and people.  I think others had a map but we just kind of walked around finding things.

This tree over the water was my favorite.

Penelope also brought her camera and was getting into taking pictures.  I loved it!
After waiting and attempting pictures of the train as it past a few times I found the good spot.  But it was super crowded and I couldn't fit in to wait for a shot of the train under the blossoms.  I think maybe next year I'll just go up early one morning and stake out a spot before the crowds come to get the shot.  There were serious photographers here with some of the biggest lenses I've ever seen.

They had vendors and we got some lunch.

Leon is eating a custard thing, I tried to get 4 chocolate 1 custard and 2 cheese but ended up with 3 chocolates and 1 custard, no cheese.  A friend we saw there also didn't get what she ordered.  I think they weren't sorting them properly after they filled them, because the lady definitly said "cheese," and handed me two.  But they were full of chocolate.
Bob also got some sort of fried fish that was ok.  The way it was fried he thought it was going to be a donut type thing.  He definitely was not expecting fish inside of it.

I like the yearly ritual of getting outside to see the cherry blossoms.  We have these types of trees in America but they are a BIG deal here in Japan.  They have all kinds of maps and calendars predicting when they will be in full bloom.  These were the early blooms but the main ones should happen at the end of the month right when my sisters come out to visit.